Friday, August 26, 2011

Found an awesome website on relationships!!

Check out this great website!! Joy Eggerichs works for her parents, who have a great marriage ministry. Joy decided to branch off and create a ministry to help singles and people in relationships to try to help them figure things out before they get married.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Gift of Singleness?

I met a man this weekend who has recently gotten married in his late 20's. We were talking about the challenges of finding your place in church as a single person. At the end of our conversation, he made a comment that I've heard a hundred times in various formations, "Don't worry. God will bring along just the right man for you in the right time." I smiled, as I always do. I often quickly change the subject because I get frustrated when people automatically assume I'm going to get married some day. This time, however, I decided to add, "Well, we'll see. I think that God has perhaps given me the gift of singleness." His eye popped out of his head! "Really???" he said. He seemed totally shocked that I would say such a thing, especially without bursting into tears at the very idea! It was almost funny. I told him that I really have no idea if I'll ever get married; that I want to, but only if it's God's best for me and that He might prefer to use me as a single woman. He seemed quite disoriented by this reply. Of course, most people who spend time in the church are aware of "the gift of singleness," but he still seemed so shocked by my statement; either because he hasn't met many people who say something like that, or he can't believe I'm ok with it! Anyway, I wonder if anyone else has ever had a conversation like this. I've had numerous conversations with my single gals about how often we are asked about our love lives and told with reassurance to, "just hang in there." But, I'm curious to hear how some of you handle the response to that question. It's easiest to just smile and nod, as I often do, but sometimes I get so frustrated I feel like I need to teach these people!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Quote on Lonliness

I found this great quote in Wendy Widder's book, Living Whole Without a Better Half:

“Like Moses, I am never alone, regardless of how I may feel. I have a friend who argues with me, ‘But I can’t see God.’ She’s right about that, but she’s wrong to think that not seeing God somehow limits the comfort He can bring. The comfort comes when I choose to see Him. Evidence of His presence surrounds me, even in the hardest of times. I am lonely when I ignore it” (Widder, pg 81).